"MEMBERSHIP Does Have Its Privileges..."

July 10 - 14, 2017

Message from SPIAA Auxiliary President Molly Rollins





Welcome to the nonprofit organization, the Southern Police Institute Alumni Association (SPIAA) - the association for graduates of the Southern Police Institute. We offer SPIAA members opportunities in training and re-training, access to law enforcement data, materials, and information relevant to today's law enforcement environment. One of our most critical training opportunities for law enforcement is our annual training conference. Focusing on leadership in today's global policing environment, law enforcement officials from everywhere, both members and non-members,  join us for a week of advanced quality training, peer networking, and our outreach and social programs.  One of the most significant assets of the Southern Police Institute is the Southern Police Institute Alumni Association. Created during 1951 by graduates, the association has grown into one of the most active alumni groups at the University of Louisville.

The Southern Police Institute (SPI) is a division of the Department of Justice Administration, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Louisville. It is an advanced education and training institute whose mission is to enhance the professional development of law enforcement practitioners. This mission is accomplished by providing educational and career development programs that are designed to challenge and to prepare law enforcement practitioners for the demands of today and tomorrow. The Southern Police Institute consistently is ranked among the top law enforcement educational and training schools in the nation. Since the creation of the Southern Police Institute in 1951, its program of instruction has been grounded in the belief that law enforcement is a demanding activity requiring the highest level of professional preparation. The Southern Police Institute was established by its founders to provide a place where that preparation can be undertaken. The faculty and staff dedicate themselves to this mission and continue to maintain the standards of excellence established by the founders. They are uniquely qualified as researchers, consultants, teachers and former law enforcement practitioners to guide and to direct the educational needs of today's law enforcement professionals.

Graduates of the SPI are looked upon as knowledgeable professionals in law enforcement fields. Membership in the prestigious SPIAA shows continuing interest in your professional career and your dedication to professional self-development.

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is a pleasure and privilege that I begin my term as the President of the Southern Police Institute
Alumni Association. Congratulations to the new SPIAA Executive Board; 1st Vice President Shon Barnes,
2 nd Vice President Keith Kirchhoff, 3 rd Vice President Kurt Boshart, Treasurer Cheryl Curtis, and Secretary
William Willhoite. Congratulations to our new Immediate Past President Chris Summers for a well-run
conference at San Destin Resort and his excellent leadership. Of course much thanks to the support of
our Board Advisors, Col. Cindy Shain and Dr. Gennaro Vito.

Although I am extremely excited about the upcoming year I feel it is necessary to reflect on the past two
weeks and the tragedy that has befallen the cities of Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The murders of eight officers and wounding of another eight is a terrible loss. The loss to these two
communities has been felt across the nation. The effect of these murders on law enforcement has likewise rippled through the law enforcement community. Agencies are altering their staffing, purchasing arms, and body armor but the real affect has yet to be measured.

We of the SPIAA must recognize these events and the state of the communities we serve. In addition we must take care of the men and women we lead. Striking the balance will be key as many are on edge. Let us resolve to continue to reach out to our communities forming partnerships and providing transparency. We must also resolve to stay the course and continue to utilize research based practices learned through the Southern Police Institute.

We do know one thing, however tragic these events are, we will continue to answer the calls.


J Phillip Webster, SPIAA President
130th AOC

J. Phillip Webster
Chief of Police
North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department
1015 2nd Avenue South
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
843-241-5438 (cell)

2016 Board
President:  J. Phillip Webster, Chief of Police, North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department (SC)
First VP:  Captain Shon Barnes, Greensboro Police Department
Second VP:  Captain Keith A. Kirchhoff, Kansas City MO PD (124th AOC)
Third VP:  Lt. Kurt Boshart, Harrisonburg VA PD (130th AOC) 
Treasurer Lt. Cheryl Curtis, Greenville (NC) Police Department
National Secretary Sgt. William Willhoite, Jefferson County (KY) Sheriff’s Office


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